Ruby  یاقوت (African) 6.75 cts

Ruby یاقوت (African) 6.75 cts

Ruby is derived from the Latin word called “Rubber” which means Red. It is included in the corundum mineral species, sapphire is also a family of which. Ruby gemstone grabs fame due to its bright red color. Other than that it is most commonly in demand and desired due to its hardness, durability, and Rarity. Ruby stone (yaqoot) is an extremely hard stone that it ranks 9th on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Yaqoot stone is one of the four precious gemstones others are (Diamond, Emerald, and sapphire). Ruby stone is good for blood circulation and immune system. Cancerians can wear Ruby as their lucky stone.

Ruby Stone From Africa


Color Enhanced 

Weight 6.75 cts

Color Pinkish Red

Origin Africa

Clarity Transparent

Oval shaped

Mixed Cut

Actual product color may slightly vary due to light reflections and effects.


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